Pink Salt: 5 uses for Himalayan Salt

What is Himalayan Salt?

It is derived from the Himalayas and is one of the purest forms of salt. The great thing is that these pure salt beds escape modern toxin contamination, thank goodness. When mixed with water, it spurs a chemical reaction that releases ionic energy, which can be detoxifying to the body. Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals which gives it its pink hue.


What’s the difference between Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt?

Beside color, the difference between the two really lies in location. Sea Salt can be found in pristine oceans with Himalayan salt is from the Pakistan area. Sea salt can be much more cost effective when using it in larger quantities (see salt bath or body scrub below).   


5 uses for Pink Salt

Detoxify + Restore + Relax

1. Detoxification –

Himalayan salt lamp- These lamps have grown in popularity, mostly because of their esthetics, BUT the true magic lies in their benefits.

Improved sleep quality, cleaner air, ease allergies and a mood boost; yes, please!

Salt lamps come in different shapes and sizes. I found mine (here).

 I leave mine on 24/7. 5-10 pounds is good for a bedroom. 11-14 pounds is good for a living room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

2. Cleansing + Detoxing -

Lavender Body Scrub

8oz. pink Himalayan salt

2 oz coconut oil

1 oz sweet almond oil

5 drops pink grapefruit essential oil

5 drops ylang-ylang essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

dried lavender (optional)


Mix all ingredients together and store in the fridge to preserve. Warm coconut oil before applying if it has solidified. For best results, start your bath water and then apply scrub to your body. Once bath is warmed and ready, soak, rest and relax. Drinking cool water before, during and after your bath will help ease the detoxification symptoms and aid in riding the body of toxins.

Feeling a bit lightheaded after a detox bath can be normal. Be sure to drink lots of water and be patient as the body gets used to the process.

3. Restoring -

Have you ever tried to use a bath to relax? There are actual scientific elements to the proper bath that can detox and restore your body, not to mention the quiet 30 or so minutes to allow healing of your soul.


Try out this super simple salt bath.


2 cups sea salt (I use this because it is much more cost effective than Himalayan salt)

1 cup baking soda

10 drops lavender essential oil (optional)


The baking soda helps to balance pH levels. The lavender will help reduce stress-related hormones.  Sit in a warm bath for 20 minutes. The detoxification process can be intense so be sure to bring cool water to drink throughout your time in the bath.

4. Dehydration –

Sole (pronounced Solay) is a mixture of filtered water and Himalayan salt. It produces a water that is completely saturated with salt. This powerful elixir hydrates the body, down to a cellular level.  

Sole has many benefits:

            Digestion- improves regularity by balancing the body’s digestive system

            Anti-histamine- another benefits for the allergy-suffers. I live in Sacramento, California and we are known for the allergy-inducing environment.

            Detoxification- the many minerals that are found in Himalayan salt aid in the detoxification of the body

            Energy- re-hydration of the body will automatically increase the energy functions of the body equating to more energy to put toward your day.

How to make sole:

            You will need: 1 glass container, a plastic (non-metal lid) and Himalayan salt (1-2 cups), filtered water.


            First off, I’ll say it many times throughout, NO metal. No metal due to the negative ions (good for us) that are produced with the mixing of water and salt. I had to engrain this rule into my brain.


Mix about a cup of salt into the water, cover and leave overnight to set. If you see grains of salt at the bottom of the glass in the morning, the water has reached saturation and your sole is ready to use. If there are no grains of salt, add more salt and leave until the next morning. Once you have reached saturation, take 1 tsp. mixed in water each morning. Slowly build if you wish to take more than 1 tsp. but do not try it on day one. Wait to see how your body detoxes.


Cover with plastic lid and store in the fridge or on the counter.  Add more water and salt, as needed. Wait overnight each time.


You can also make sole out of Himalayan rock crystals, in which, you would leave the crystals in your jar. Wait 24 hours after adding crystals to use sole.

Himalayan Salt Sole

Himalayan Salt Sole

5. Electrolyte imbalance + muscle cramping -


Because Himalayan salt has 80+ minerals in it, it is perfect to balance electrolyte imbalances in the body. It is a wonderful tool to have on hand when a headache or muscle cramp imposes on your day.

Take 2 teaspoons salt and zest of one lemon or lime and add them to 8 ounces of warm water. Your headache or muscle cramping should start to ease up in a few minutes. If you already have sole (from above) made, you can use it for electrolyte imbalance + muscle cramping, too!

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