There are tell tale signs of disease that show up in the mouth. As an Registered Dental Hygienist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, the desire to connect our mouths with our bodies, in practical ways, remains a top priority. Our bodies react to the food we consume and our mouths can give away vitamin deficiencies, inflammation in the body and tell us how we are healing. Nutrient-dense food can be the start to optimal health, including, oral health. 

One question that I get often is how to handle amalgam (silver) fillings. 

Have you ever wondered if the metal or amalgam fillings in your mouth could be hurting you? 

Are you considering having them removed? 

There are two times when amalgam, and the mercury found in it, can be most harmful to your body: placing and removing fillings. When the metal is heated, it turns into a gas. This allows entrance into the body systems. Our body likes to hide these metals throughout our being. Like a lot of things in life, mercury effect is related to the amount in the body. Amalgam fillings are not the only place mercury exists: water, fish, smog near factories that use mercury. Enough to raise concern. 

So what do you do if a tooth is failing or there is active decay and you would like to remove your silver fillings? 

There are several supplements that can assist the body in dealing with and filtering the metal before they are stored in the body. Fill out the contact me form and we can talk about how to protect your body from the harsh effects of amalgam in the body.